Congratulations to the Graduate :D

Hello everyone,

It has been a minute and then some. How have you been? This sister has been busy, like you would NOT believe!  Still, I shall not let this month, November pass by without inspiring you.  That said, it is with pleasure that I announce that I have officially added Master of Science, M.Sc :mrgreen: to my degrees.  Hurrah!!!

dancing graduate

It has been such a roller coaster ride:-? .  I started my Masters programme in 2008, finished my course work in 2010.  I wrote my final exams in the midst of burying my father, literally and when I dropped my pen after my last paper it took me two years to get back in sandal to do my project. Add in 2, 3 ASUU strikes, some terrible bouts of ill health and that brings us to 2013 when I finally submitted my project work.  pheew!

My convocation ceremony took place yesterday, Saturday, Nov. 23, 2014 and to say I was ecstatic will be putting it lightly (see link to more pictures below to be convinced😉 ). My Masters of Science degree is in Engineering Management and from the prestigious University of Benin, Benin City, Edo State.

May I just use this opportunity to say thank you to my God for doing it for me, my lecturers especially Prof. Nwachukwu and Dr. Igboanugo, my colleagues: A, C, T; friends who stood by me and  of course my  nuclear and extended my family (who are convinced, in spite of my shortcomings that I am a genius and are thus the wind beneath my wings 😀 ) .

The take away from this…..

  • ALL things are possible to them that believe… (Mark 9 v23)
  • I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthen me. (Phil. 4v 13)
  • He who began a good work in me, is faithful to complete it. (Phil. 1 v 6)
  • This too shall pass. (2 Cornth 4v17-18)
  • Yes, we can!
  • Be inspired, go and complete your own 1st degree, masters, project etc…Thanksgiving Ugochi

With love from the Ancient City of Benin,


N.B: Yes, please leave a comment.  Gracias.

Link for more pictures:


39 thoughts on “Congratulations to the Graduate :D

  1. Garus says:

    Congrats UG!! At the end of the day it really didn’t matter how long it took to catch this one (considering the numerous other catches in between).

    I am definitely inspired to start my MBA…nice one.

  2. Izu Avwerosuo says:

    Very inspiring,Ugochi congratulations.I also convocated that day 22nd November 2014.MBA.congrats u hv laboured in Jesus name u will enjoy the fruits of ur labour.

  3. Jonjo (as christened by Ugochi) says:

    Lovely pictures Ugochi and a very inspiring story … very Well done i.e. The story and the new addition to your academic accolades.

  4. Chinedu Igwe says:

    Write a vision, make it plain. So that anyone that reads it can run with it. Though it tarried, it must surely come to pass.
    Congratulations Ug, you have epitomized stickability and I’m greatly inspired.

  5. Pst. Emma says:

    Wao! Congratulations…its indeed a feat worth celebrating. I however don’t buy the idea of indefinite course durations for Post graduate programs in our country today. We must aim to improve drastically on that. All the same Praise God for His eternal faithfulness!

    • Thank you. The course was actually for 2 years. I finished my course work within the 2yrs but after my exams, my father’s sudden demise and burial…. I was just burnt out 😦 and couldn’t bring myself to put my project together. Yes, the ASUU things didn’t help still it’s only fair to share the blame.
      I hope this clarifies things.

    • Yes o! A relief, like you would not believe. A lot of people don’t know this but it is a very hard to pick up yourself and re-start/continue the race. On indeed to the next one. Thanks for encouraging me.

  6. Rev. Miracle Akaonye says:

    Very inspiring success story even with all the odds. I thank God for the strength and comfort he gave you to pull through even in your father’s burial. Don’t stop here. There are still more lands to conquer. His grace is sufficient. Stay blessed my dear. Congratulations!!

  7. Kachi says:

    I celebrate U!!! Greater accomplishments. Are yet to come! As U rightly said, Dr. Ugochi Akwiwu doesn’t sound bad…. But this sounds sweet too… Prof. Ugochi Akwiwu. U’re valued Anty UG!

  8. Oise says:

    Congratulations strong lady!! I thank God for giving you strenght throught it all! As always, I’m inspired by this. I’m not surprised though that you held on till the end, I’ve never known you to quit. Bravooo babe! And yes, Dr Ugochi . . . . sounds really great

  9. Zen says:

    My one and only cousin Gucci! Indeed it has been God. I’m so proud of you cuz! I rep you everywhere! I talk about you all the time to my room mates (they’re all engineering students) #TeamGucci!!!! 😁

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