Wetin be NOGIG?

Hello Beautiful and Handsome,

It seems my last post raised a lot of questions on what competition (No, it was not the Sochi 2014 olympics) I particiapted in, so this post is just to give some details on what NOGIG is all about.

The Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry Games (NOGIG) is a competition that brings together companies in the oil and gas industry of Nigeria once every 2 years to compete in a variety of sports and games in a bid to have bragging rights and be declared the champion and “top dog” of sports in the industry.  I personally like to think of NOGIG as the Nigerian Oil and Gas Companies Olympics.

In 2014, the 15th edition of the NOGIG competition took place between February 22 and March 2, 2014 in Lagos state.  Delegates participated in 11 games/sports: Lawn Tennis, Table Tennis, Squash, Basketball, Swimming, Athletics, Golf, 8-Ball Pool, Chess, Scrabble, and Football.  Several venues were used depending on the game e.g. Ikoyi Club for Lawn Tennis and Teslim Balogun Stadium for football and athletics.

There were a total of 12 companies that participated in NOGIG 2014 namely Addax Petroleum, Chevron, Dept. of Petroleum Resources (DPR), Nigerian Agip Oil Company (NAOC), ExxonMobil, Nigeria LNG Limited (NLNG), Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board (NCDMB), Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), Oando Plc, Petroleum Training Institute (PTI), Shell (SPDC) and Total.  It’s worth mentioning that Globacom Nigeria, the foremost promoter of sports in Africa was one of the proud sponsors of NOGIG 2014.

This year’s competition had the highest number of companies yet, 12 companies in all.  Let me use this opportunity to welcome the newest kid on the block, NCDMB.  It was quite interesting, very competitive and a lot of fun to participate in.  I made some new friends and met up with some old ones 🙂 .

The highlight of the games for me was my company NNPC, winning the competition and becoming the overall winner for NOGIG 2014 with 14 gold medals, followed by Shell (SPDC) with 11 gold medals and third place went to Chevron with 9 medals.

I was inspired by the fact that a lot of athletes participated in more than one event.  I have to specially recognize my Big Sis with dada (don’t want to call her name o!) from Chevron who is over 45 and participated in not one but four (4) events swimming, athletics (women’s relay), tennis and squash!  Clearly, I need to step up my game. Afterall, I can do all things….(Phil 4 v 13).

Till next time people,

-Ugochi Akwiwu

Bronze Medalist from NOGIG 2014 – Yes, na! We won, I have bragging rights 😉

p.s- I included some pictures,see here NOGIG 2014 pictures enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Wetin be NOGIG?

  1. 'Kaku says:

    Yes you do need to step up sis dear. It was amazing and I do wanna bow out in style whilst the ovation is loudest (like they say). Ain’t no defending champ syndrome for me especially as dem no dey put lalas for the front or back of the thing…. 😉

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